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It’s hard to fight when the fight ain’t fair…

18 Apr

It’s been hard to sit down and write lately…we were away all weekend and the lazy bug really hit me. Until today that is. The sad truth is that I *hate* waking up early but I am much, much more productive on the days I do. I went to school, got the apartment clean, got a helmet all ready to paint, we got the turbo back on the Eclipse (finally!), unpacked from the weekend, made dinner, did my workout…

Oh, and made popsicles.


School is a joke. My classes are good, but Mike’s automotive classes seem like slave torture. First of all, the students are, of course, paying hundreds of dollars to take the class. The class is basically like a mechanic shop where real people bring their cars in to be worked on by the students for a lower price than a regular shop. The school makes each customer sign a waiver releasing the school from liability in case something happens to the car. So the students take full responsibility and the school gets off free. Oh, and this whole time the customers are paying for their cars to be worked on…so how much goes to the people actually doing the work? Yeah, nothing. It all goes to the school.

I hate BYU. The eternal disappointment.