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Things I Love (a poem)

19 Apr

I love Pinterest, I love rain,

I love funfetti birthday cake.

Ipads, makeup, money, clothes,

Halloween costumes, painting my toes.

Cake Boss, chocolate, shoes, jelly beans,

Watching Scrubs when the apartment is clean.

Britney, Gaga, Friday nights,

Weekends, holidays, Christmas lights.

I love when Mike and I both work on cars,

Seeing a dream on our poster and making it ours.

Taking a shower after a run,

Laughing with Mike when we’re just having fun.

I love having Mike lay his head on my lap

And tickling his head while he’s taking a nap.



It’s hard to fight when the fight ain’t fair…

18 Apr

It’s been hard to sit down and write lately…we were away all weekend and the lazy bug really hit me. Until today that is. The sad truth is that I *hate* waking up early but I am much, much more productive on the days I do. I went to school, got the apartment clean, got a helmet all ready to paint, we got the turbo back on the Eclipse (finally!), unpacked from the weekend, made dinner, did my workout…

Oh, and made popsicles.


School is a joke. My classes are good, but Mike’s automotive classes seem like slave torture. First of all, the students are, of course, paying hundreds of dollars to take the class. The class is basically like a mechanic shop where real people bring their cars in to be worked on by the students for a lower price than a regular shop. The school makes each customer sign a waiver releasing the school from liability in case something happens to the car. So the students take full responsibility and the school gets off free. Oh, and this whole time the customers are paying for their cars to be worked on…so how much goes to the people actually doing the work? Yeah, nothing. It all goes to the school.

I hate BYU. The eternal disappointment.





7 Things I Can’t Live Without

12 Apr

1. My iPad. 

I cancelled my phone plan and downloaded the free app, Text Plus, for free texting and calls. The downside is it only works with an active wifi connection, but my husband still has his phone and we always have that when we’re on the road. Our circumstances are such that really the only time we’re apart is at the school when we both have classes, and I get full wifi connectivity at the school so we’re really always connected. This works great and saves us around $450 a year. (Plus, I got mine for free by winning it. there are TONS of contests to win iPads. I won one a couple of years ago through a company affiliated with my old job. I ended up selling it, but  won another one by entering a local radio station’s contest via Facebook. They’re out there, I promise!)

2. Moisturizer.

I recently started using this at night as well as during the day. What a difference it makes for nice, glowy skin (especially in such an arid environment like Utah and Idaho). The stuff I use is Pond’s Dry Skin Cream (about $4-$6 from Wal-mart) but try out different products, look up reviews, find which one works best for you.

3. Acidophilus.

This is a probiotic (a live microorganism that benefits its host organism) that is primarily used to treat yeast infections, but has several other benefits that you can learn about here. I started taking it for acne and I’ve noticed a significant difference for the better.

4. The “cold” setting on my hair dryer.

It takes some extra time, but it’s worth it. I’ve never had my hair so smooth and shiny since after I started drying it with cold air only. Hot air opens the hair shaft and causes it to look dull and dry. Cold air closes the shaft, sealing moisture in. You can learn more about that here.

5. My goal book.

I bought a small, spiral notebook for less than a dollar to keep a list of goals. Crossing one off is one of the best feelings in the world. The little book can hold thousands of goals, so go crazy! I’ve got goals ranging from crocheting a rug for the kitchen to understanding my fears. If you’ve written more goals than you know you could ever accomplish in your lifetime, you’re on the right track. No goal is too small or too large!

6. The library.

Read The Hunger Games for free? Yes please! And yes, it’s totally legal! Most libraries have an assortment of new release DVDs and CDs as well. It might cost a dollar or two at the most to take out a card, but after that it’s totally free. Take advantage!

7. Pinterest.

Because it has everything. Find recipes, craft ideas, architectural designs, have a laugh, find spiritual inspiration. If you need an invite, send me a message. I’ll invite you.


“Fun is good” – Dr. Seuss

10 Apr


Mike and Robyne

8 Apr

Mike and Robyne

This is me and my husband, Mike. We’re college students right now and just trying to get through life.